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How Do I Avoid Cults?

Cults use sophisticated mind control techniques that will work on anyone, given the right circumstances. Those who think they are immune are only making themselves more vulnerable. Remember the assult is on your emotions, not on your intellect.

The two basic principles of psychological coercion are:

  1. If you can make a person BEHAVE the way you want, you can make that person BELIEVE the way you want.
  2. Sudden, drastic changes in environment lead to heightened suggestibility and to drastic changes in attitudes and beliefs.


Protect yourself! Why go away for a weekend or longer with a stranger or a strange group unless:

  • You know the name of the sponsoring group.
  • You know its ideas, beliefs and affiliations.
  • You know what is going to happen at the gathering.
  • You know what will be expected of you.
  • You know that you will be free and able to leave at any time.
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