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Cults: A Practical Guide by Ian Haworth

Cults: A Practical Guide
by Ian Haworth

£3.99 + P&P. 44 pages.

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The Booklets Foreword is by the late Chad Varah (Founder of the Samaritans)

As Founder of the Samaritans (1953) and of Befrienders International (1974), I encountered every depressing situation which could lead to despair and even suicide. It wasnt long before the devastating effects of the activities of Cults had to be added to other horrors, and ignorance about their nature and methods was almost universal. Since 1977 the deaths they have caused have been widely reported in the media, and since 1993 hardly a year has passed without its newsworthy horror.

Anyone touched by this insidious phenomenon needs information and guidance, and I know of no more reliable book than Cults: A Practical Guide by Ian Haworth. I am proud to have been a Patron since the Cult Information Centre started.

Prebendary Dr. Chad Varah, CH, CBE, MA, DSc.

Here at last! ... Cults: A Practical Guide. The booklet that takes the lid off the world of cults by showing: what cults are, who they recruit, how they operate and how to help someone involved.

Who is it for? It is aimed at:
people who know nothing about cults
people who have been affected by cults
people who want to teach about cults
people who want to study cults
people of all ages


... Membership of cults is on the rise and it is harmful to all sorts of men and women, young and old, single and married, with and without children. … In this guide, the Cult Information Centre has set out the basics, including a reading list, to help those who have to face up to the experience.

Anna Raeburn - Broadcaster and Journalist

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This is a most helpful and important book for young people and their families.


… In ‘Cults: A Practical Guide, the author makes transparent the numerous and often subtle techniques of psychological manipulation employed by such groups. … ‘Cults: A Practical Guide is a clearly written and easily accessible book; I hope every university campus and students union is armed with a copy.

Elliot Cohen - Lecturer in Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University

This is a practical, intelligent and accessible book. It comprehensively describes and analyses the techniques used by cults and demystifies the often frightening influences cult groups can exert upon their members. This book will be useful for both students and staff in schools .....

Ms Tamzin Cronin - Deputy Head of Sixth Form,
Graveney School, London

… It more than fulfils its aim of providing guidance for a wide-ranging audience - from students and families to the corporate world of business. … This booklet should be an essential acquisition for schools, colleges, public libraries and indeed anyone involved in pastoral care and counselling.

Mrs. Christine Lloyd - Deputy Head Teacher, Newstead Wood School for Girls, Kent

Its like a ‘first aid kit for the mind! I think that it is just what the cults have been dreading. Its appearance and circulation will go such a long way towards helping to cult-proof people. It needs to be everywhere...

B. A. - Ex-cult member, Devon

… If this had been available at the time of my sons involvement with a cult it would have made a very difficult task so much easier. It is an important and comprehensive guide to the complex issues surrounding cult involvement and an invaluable guide to family and friends whose loved ones are recruited into these insidious organisations.

Angela Glaser - Parent, London

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This is an excellent little book … It can be used as a reference handbook by parents teachers and young people. … It is a book I would readily recommend to my students and I would feel that having read it they would be suitably armed to withstand the various recruiting techniques that they are likely to come across at college or in the future.

Mrs Ann Sawyer - Teacher, St Albans High School for Girls, Hertfordshire (Retired)

An excellent resource for mental health teams, GP surgeries and schools/universities. I will definitely be recommending it to my colleagues. …Quite alarming in its style, which seems a good thing as it conveys the seriousness of the issue while making it gripping reading.

Sally Austen - Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Surrey

This is an excellent short introduction to the cults - ideal for busy people. It will meet the need of the various audiences at which it is aimed. I shall strongly recommend it to all Bible College students.

Dr Richard Massey - Principal, Birmingham Christian College

This is an excellent booklet touching on all the main issues related to the problems faced by families and ex-members. … Being relatively short has made this booklet accessible and the layout means it can be ‘dipped into. Very good.

G. Jenkinson - Counsellor, Derbyshire

A very informative and yet concise read that could form the basis of useful discussion work. The tone of the book is very practical which is of great use to people facing such situations.

Mrs Joy Hadwin - Teacher, Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School, Kent

When our son set off for America to take a ‘gap between school and career, we warned him against every danger he might encounter. Except the one that would shatter our family life forever. … Anyone new to the problem will find the advice in this booklet invaluable.

Nesta Lloyd - Parent, Kent

This booklet gives essential advice in a ‘nutshell format. … The booklet should be made widely available.

Mrs Ursula McKenzie - Hon Secretary FAIR (Retired), London

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